The lesser of 2 evils

The war is over. A lot of Iraqis are dead. That's tragic. However, if we had left Hussein in power, a lot more would be dead over the next 20 years. The his son would have taken over,and he'd have killed loads more. Freedom would have been taken away, and the population would have continued to rot. The situation now is not ideal, but progress takes time. The Iraqi people seem to be happy. Hopefully the infrastructure will improve soon, something that would never have happened if Saddam had been left in power. I don't care about weapons of mass destruction. We're big enough to fight back. I just care about the Irai people. I know people will say they're not free etc etc blah blah, but they're much better off now than they were under Saddam. Nobody can deny that. War is not good. Blind anti-americanism is not good. I can admit that war is not good, but ive never seen a post here that criticised a war that doesn't involve the US.

Created By: Alan White