Response to The lesser of 2 evils

The Iraqi people seem to be happy? Where have you been for the last few weeks? Have a look at some of the photos here if that's what you think. And some really gruesome ones here. Not at all the sort of stuff you see on CNN. Don't they show you the thousands of Iraqis protesting at the US occupation? Look here.

A lot of Iraqis are dead. That's tragic. In the tone of someone who couldn't care less. I read on another site that in percentage terms, the number of Iraqis killed by the US and UK equates to around 60,000 dead Americans. That's just tragic.

Hopefully the infrastructure will improve soon. Yes, a few years to get back to where they were before America bombed them to dust, then another few years to get back to where they were before the Iran war, THEN they can start to go ahead. Then, when the Americans eventually go home, they'll have the civil war they would have had a lot sooner if people had minded their own business and let them get on with sorting out their own problems, instead of starving them and blowing them up.

And I liked the line 'We're big enough to fight back'. Pity Iraq wasn't. Where do you fancy starting with your fight back? Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, any old Arab country? France, Germany, Russia? Any preference? obviously, all of them in time, just 'cos you're big enough to start a fight. You do care about WMD, because you have more of them than anyone else. If you didn't have them, we wouldn't be looking at WW3.

I just care about the Iraqi people. Must be an American characteristic. So did Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelt, etc. They kept telling us, before, during and after they bombed them.

I was only slightly anti-American before this war. Look what you've done to me. What do you think you've done to everyone in the Arab world? Do you think you're safer from terrorist attacks now?

We're not blind. It's you who has the blinkers on.

Created By: Mary Hayes