Response to Can Love Save the World?

Human capacity for love and understanding could save the world but not while messages of hate, greed and violence are being pumped out by Western Goverments. The Christian and Islam messages are of love, understanding and tolerance but most of the apparatus that delivers them seem to be more about manipualtion of their flocks, for social control? When Marx said that religion is the "opiate of the masses", was he implying that this was a bad thing or good? If a population is paralysed by fear and guilt, (a la the Catholic Church) how much easier it is to control and Govern them. Marx favoured a dictatorship of the proletariat (that morphed into dictatorship of the cult of personality) that transcended the need for religion. Separation of Church and State and the modern growth of Liberal Democracy has further eroded the power of religion, in Governance, NOT social control. Now the two have an easy double act in extending power and control. African missionarys and their message of love and understanding was greeted with open arms but was quickly followed by conquest and slavery, same with Samaritans purse in Iraq (except the other way around). The point is, the Christian message has been hijacked and I believe that any Global Justice Movement keeps as far away from religion as possible. We need to turn DOWN the fear and hate and turn UP the love and understanding and reject the manipulation, especially with the rise of the far right. The BNP in England is now wining seats where there are NO asylum seekers but are believing messages that they are about to be deluged. The Governement of England is forcibly repatriating Afghans, despite reports that this could destabilise the country but that war is now so last year. The Irish anti-immigration platform did a great job in ratchiting up fear and hate (and attacks) on Irish asylum seekers and economic migrants, the latter category are doing all the shitty jobs that Celtic cubs don't want to do anymore. Wonder how we could get Governments and media (CNN, Fox, Sky etc) to devote more time to delivering messages of love and tolerance? If every child woke up to hear "imagine all the people, living life in peace" instead of shock and awe, it might make a difference.

Created By: Charles Monroe