Blair dictatorship?

Clare Short who has just resigned from the British Cabinet cited several reasons, amongst them was the fact that power was being controlled by fewer and fewer people, she indicated that it was now down to Blair and a few of his pals and that decisions were being made without debate or consultation in wider Whitehall. (Tony doing what the pentagon and the corporate brothers want him to....I guess.) So in reality.... a small percentage (low turnout) of the British public voted in the labour party by a democratic process, they in turn elected Tony to govern through a democratic process. He got mixed up with the corporate military brother of the Bush regime and has taken a nose dive on democratic principles, discovering that basically you can get away with anything these days .....even war crimes and exercising dictatorial control in a 'so called' democracy. I guess the new Iraqi model planned by the US/UK gang of four will result in a similar set up where the democratic process is bent to a dictatorship which champions the doctrine of the corporate military brothers and coca cola. What makes me laugh is the fact that Clare Short never saw this before now, anyone with a bit of savvy out there in the 'wider' world knows what the whole set up is about......I guess Clare is either 'thick as a brick' or was just looking after her own interests. Cath

Created By: catherine davies