Response to WHAT ABOUT OTHER WARS? (2)

A quick update on the Congo: Just as I was crowing on about how the UN might save the civilians in the town of Bunia, I discover that the 625 so called "troops" aren't even combat troops. According to Anneke Van Woudenberg of Human Rights Watch, the UN knew exactly what was going to happen well in advance of Ugandan troops pulling out of the region but sent in a bunch of scouts. Several hundred civilians have been killed in inter tribal (Lema and Hendu) this week and 8,000 more are actually camped in the UN compound. This UN mission is worse than useless, worse because the people in the area think they might help and they're not. Kofi Anan then said, in response to offers of French troops (Congo, although was a former Belgian colony is still considered Franco-phone) that an ad hoc international force could be put together. Why? is that not what the useless UN is supposed to be doing? Perhaps Joe Higgins was correct, the UN is a complete, and dangerous, waste of time and should be scrapped.

Created By: Charles Monroe