Response to Possibly important TV tomorrow - Sunday 18th

Thank you David. I was able to read a synopsis of the sites listed here, but my computer does not allow the viewing of the links. Lots of things seem blocked lately. I appreciate your review. I have long been discouraged by treatment of Palestinians and saddened by their being listed as terrorist. Used to be those oppressed were "freedom fighers". I think the violence is escallating from the Palestinians just as it has in Saudi, Morocco etc. I saw on the news last night the report of the 5th bombing in 2 days. I also saw where the US is pulling out of Saudi Arabia for fear of attack. Funny, I think these current attacks are related to other countries support of US invasion of Iraq. I think the US/UK will get attacked within our own borders just like 9/11 despite the efforts to make it a "middle east" event. Lets hope the US tighens its reign on Israel, if not who knows where this will lead?

Created By: Sharon White