Response to The War profiteers of Africa and Iraq

Mollie, you said it, Congo isn't shock and awe, although the results may be the same. The Machete is probably synonomous with genocide after Rwanda, especially as the Tutsi's are taller than Hutu's and the calls went out on the Radio to literally "cut them down to size". The Hutu commanders also encouraged everyone to get involved as it would spread the guilt collectively to every Hutu. In Congo signs are that it's not just Lendu and Hema militias doing the killing, it could also be spreading to the general population also making it extremely difficult for war crimes prosecutors to be effective. Once these virulent tribal foces are stirred up, it's very hard to cool them down but the more time the UN/international community wastes, the worse it's going to get. The really sad part is that the problems of this region are all down to colonial legacy. In Rwanda Tutsi kings reigned for hundreds of years and it was only when they asked the Belgians for independence that the Belgians mischeviously switched support to Hutus and the Hutus had convinced themselves that this was their chance and if they didn't take it, they would become subservient again. Belgian support for minority tribes in Congo also destroyed the centuries of peace there and followed the classic strategy of backing the weaker side against tradition and bleed the wealth in the chaos that follows.

Created By: Charles Monroe