Response to Cuba next ?

The recent Adbusters magazine (not for the light hearted) publishes the Gallup International poll on the Iraq war (taken in February). The USA vs The World. 85% on average of those polled were against the war (except for 59% in the US and 23% in Yugoslavia??). It says that for the first time the majority of the world has been screwed by the system. American corporations are now running the world. Those that get in the way (Sadaam) will be removed(probably smoking a cigar in the war criminals playground that is Florida as we speak),those who object "will be punished" (Powell on France). The Yemen voted aginst Gulf war 1 and immediately investment dropped by 70 million dollars. Good references to Brazil and Germany who have had to drop their planned welfare states in the face of pressure from the corporations. A small number of huge corporations control the media,opinions,advertising and also control Poland,UK,Bugaria,Ireland,Denmark,Spain etc. American investors have been told that Bulgaria is a "prime location". Communism has been overthrown-so too has Democracy. Ordinary Americans are suffering too.The economy has gone down the pan and the tax cuts will make it worse.Ordinary Americans struggle while their Corporations will thrive overseas. I like Adbusters "Would you die for Exxon?" sticker.

Created By: David Brennan