Response to Geldolf

Only benefit of Bob and Bono is to raise awareness of a situation in the third world that has got a lot worse since Live Aid. Until the structures preventing the third world trading with the West and receiving bits of dumped EU beef mountains and US GM grain, are reformed, they can blather all they like, won't make any difference. Bob is correct to praise Bush for his 15bn Aids package but this unfortunately comes with more strings attached than a celtic harp. The consistent message from the first world to the third is simple, we've won and you've lost, therefore we'll do whatever we want. If that means destroying your fledgling democracies, denying trade, dumping goods, pouring in weapons, enslaving your people, robbing your raw materials, then tough. Besides if, God forbid, the third world ever did catch up to anything approaching western standards of living, the current population of the world would require three to four planets like earth, just to provide enough energy. Better to leave them in the gutter.

Created By: Charles Monroe