Response to Geldolf

Kirsten, you make some good points but I still feel more like Charles above me here on the issue. I would love to see some sustainable, long term, direct and honest action begin to take place. A good start would be making it so that the current financial ways of the world and the institutions that facilitate those ways are readily identifiable in the eyes of the public. Then a proper debate can take place. I don't want a socialist revolution by the way and I'm not desperate to proove that Bush is evil. I'd just be happy if we could all start talking about how such a person comes to run the world in the first place (or at least how he comes to be the mascot of those that run the world). I do not believe however, as Bono has stated, that Bush is "a good man" who wants to make a difference. I also find it hard to take when Bono talks of homophobe and 'Rock n' Roll's the devil' espouser Jesse Helms having "tears in his eyes" when Bono spoke to him of the Bible's caution on judgement. Jesse probably ran off afterwards looking for some heathen art show to close down, but that's a different issue. Being a Christian, Bono probably feels that, like Jesus, it's more productive to spend time with the sinners than the saved. Fair enough, but Jesus pointed out to those sinners just where they were going wrong, that's why the man wound up dead (for a few days). Also I don't think Jesus would have thrown his weight behind Garret Fitzgerald in the eighties, but that again is different issue. Finally, to return to the fire analogy, to me Bono's approach is akin to standing in front of an inferno crying, "hey man, quit burning stuff. I know you've got it in you to change."

Created By: Garret Shanley