Response to Col. Tim Collins: A Model Irishman

yes they did refer to his speach - as in the same tim collins who was noted for his speach i think it is unfair to accuse rte of spewing pro-war propaganda they are far from perfect, but without rte or ch4 news my knowledge of the war would have been seriously undermined have you read some of the stinging criticism thrown at rte in the past month or so by people like eoghan harris and his ilk, lambasting rte for its anti-american stance, and its doom-mongering ? even pat kenny was getting abuse for giving too much airtime to the anti-war rabble (tho some accusations from the other side of the fence were thrown) of course i see the contradictions in collins' speech but i think i would rather soldiers behaved as he describes in his speech than he is alledged to have acted himself

Created By: Declan Finlay