Response to Col. Tim Collins: A Model Irishman

I followed the story of Tom Collins and I have to say that despite his behaviors, at least you in Ireland and UK are aware of it. I only read about US atrocities in the foreign press for the most part. The press here have been whitewashing US foriegn affairs throughout the invasion and after. The US military will cover up as much as possible and our media will let them. At least your governments are openly investigating. I wander if the whoopla over Collins will take the focus off the real threat to Iraq and the world--Bush and Blair? I don't see too much discussion of US/UK foreign policy in Iraq any longer even though the death toll mounts and the Iraqi are still protesting. I think the real threat is getting distracted with highlights like Collins and not the big picture. After all, who pulls Collins leash? Higher ups must have given him the impression he was safe. We always get the little guy and let the real culprits go. Collins is a symptom of the flawed attack on Iraq, not the cause.

Created By: Sharon White