Response to Col. Tim Collins: A Model Irishman

Declan, I don't wish "to accuse rte of spewing pro-war propaganda" but just to point out that they gave a lot of coverage to a speech intended to rally support for "our boys". Just imagine RTE broadcasting an Iraqi officer's rallying words. RTE is "far from perfect" as you say, and we shouldn't hesitate to criticise them, even if they are better than some of the other more jingoistic media. I haven't read "some of the stinging criticism thrown at rte in the past month or so by people like eoghan harris and his ilk, lambasting rte for its anti-american stance, and its doom-mongering" but it doesn't surprise me that they would. Conservatives in the US also accuse the media of a liberal bias which is a clever strategy to push it even further to the right. Eric Alterman has written a book on this subject recently. Rachel, I couldn't agree with more. Martin, I agree with your comments on Collins but just because RTE is better than Fox propaganda shouldn't absolve it from warranted criticism. Sharon, You add much-needed perspective to the Collins story. Garret, I'll second that. Would "Bomber" Harris?

Created By: maidhc o'cathail