Response to The True Face of War

Thanks Michael. I like the family idea but I don't think it is realistic to expect us to all start loving everyone else as if they were are own family. We could perhaps try living on that basis for the pragmatic reasons of ethical capital however. I treat you well, you treat me well is a better system than I treat you like crap because you owe me a huge amount of money. There is nothing new about the former idea, it's what Bush, Blair and binLaden hear (or refuse to hear?) everytime they are at their places of worship. You don't have to be religious to see the logic though. I think it's just common sense, not pie in the sky idealism as the nearest blinkered capitalist will have you believe. You do have to start out at a point of having some faith in your fellow human beings though, and that can be a bit of a jump for those of us raised on a mixture of pessimism, individualism and competitiveness. I'm a pessimist myself most of the time. As for the weakest in our society, these are obviously the morally weak and remote agenda setters that are running this world aground. After a cultural shift maybe we can start to trust each other and work towards a system that does not facilitate such weaknesses (which we all have in us) making them the dominant motivations for the destiny of our global population. Some people think this better happen soon because we're running out of time.

Created By: Garret Shanley