Sharon's roadmap to genocide

Subject: 67 Palestinians Killed in the Intifada in the 31 Days of May PRESS RELEASE June 3, 2003 67 Palestinians Killed in the Intifada in the 31 Days of May PHRMG deeply mourns the 67 Palestinians that lost their lives this month as the Intifada burned on. 16 of those killed were children; 12 kids under age 15, 4 kids between ages 15-17. PHRMG also mourns the 13 Israelis who died this month from the Intifada. 66% of the Palestinians who were killed were residents of the Gaza Strip. 77% of the Israelis who were killed were in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada on September 29, 2000, 2,237 Palestinians have lost their lives. This total includes 430 children who were killed; 228 kids under age 15, and 202 kids between ages 15- 17. 720 Israelis have lost their lives since the beginning of this catastrophe. This number includes 92 children and 226 security/army personnel. Thus, while the conflict over land and security rages on, nearly 3,000 human beings have returned to the land, where violent death has cut their lives short. PHRMG grieves this as a tremendous loss to both populations of people, and regrets that so much mourning and suffering accompanies these deaths. Perhaps most tragic is the 522 children who will never grow to be adults because adults were in a bloody conflict, and their precious, innocent little lives got caught in the cross-fire. No children should die because of adults' lack of capability to resolve their issues. But 522 times in the last 32 months of this conflict, mothers have tragically laid the fruit of their wombs to the grave. Also since the start of this monstrous conflict, there have been 131 assassinations of Palestinians commissioned by the State of Israel and carried out by their army, often using American equipment. 137 suicide bombers have responded like-wise with their version of targeted killings. PHRMG condemns both practices and calls both sides to gain wisdom and halt these slaughterous attacks. It is completely horrible that such injustices reap mass carnage and leave whole communities scarred and terrified. PHRMG looks forward to a complete halt of violence and terror and to the time when we can report a month with no deaths because this conflict has been resolved. We are hopeful that the upcoming meeting in Aqaba will produce true positive results on the ground and that the leaders involved will prove themselves to be men of honesty, courage, and integrity, thus truly bringing peace and security to each of their peoples. It will not be an easy task and will involve many compromises to each side, but we hope the death of 522 kids is enough to compel each leader to finally proclaim, like the former Egyptian President Edward Sadat, "No more war."

Created By: Tony Dillon