Response to Coca Cola boycott

Kirsten, Didn't get to see your idea until after the meeting. I wonder would chippers and cinemas etc. take the chance of pissing off customers by not having their beloved Coke. Maybe they'd take a poster in the window. I'll float your idea at the next meeting. What is needed are famous names for a letter on the issue to the papers and cash to fund printing of posters etc. SIPTU will not support a boycott because they represent Coke workers in this country who may be effected. As with Iraq, they have not even brought it up for a vote by those workers. Someone suggested that the workers themselves be approached by the campaign. Many ideas were thrown about and a few jobs delegated. There is a short term plan of action to publicise the international July 22nd boycott and then the campaign will continue after that. Volunteers are needed. Next meeting at LASC (address above) on 23rd of June at 7 pm. I saw from your letter (that was in both the Indo and the Examiner) that you're not from Dublin, maybe you could cause a stink out your neck of the woods. Other countries involved in this campaign seem to have their acts together, which is hopeful.

Created By: Garret Shanley