Response to The tragedy of Africa

Reforming CAP is only one part of the equation to try and help African people trade their way out of poverty, the other is to stop dumping in their own markets, as part of their "deal" with the IMF to allow open access. For example Nambian farmers were wiped out overnight when a slice of the EU mountain was lobbed into the South African market next door. That is wrong. Could a Nambian farmer export his (organic) beef to Ireland? Not likely since the subsidies are tweaked to make it unviable. This farmer then has no access to any market, can't make a living and thus can't provide for a food emergency and becomes dependent on aid. CAP should be reformed over time, if farmers sons leave the land then surely they could be trained to do something else. Huge numbers of manufacturing jobs are now done in Asia and China that were formerly done in the US and Europe. I strongly believe that CAP, as it stands now, is a dinosaur relic of the past and needs attention. Reforming farming is one thing, the arms industry is also to blame as is the IMF, World Bank and corporate colonialism.

Created By: Charles Monroe