Book on the Carlyle Group A BUZZFLASH INTERVIEW With Dan Briody, Author of "The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group" They are at the epicenter of the military-industrial-complex-Bush-Cheney-crony-capitalism administration. The Carlyle Group is the model example of the nearly seamless connection between the Bush administration, self-enrichment and companies who receive big government defense contracts. The roster of Carlyle 田onsultants・reads like a who痴 who guide to government officials of the 1980s, starting with former president George Bush, former secretary of state James Baker, and former defense secretary Frank Carlucci. The most chilling aspect of Briody痴 book is that the political connections and lobbying activities he unmasks are not illegal. It is a testament to the brain dead mainstream media that the relationship between the Carlyle group and the Bush-Cheney cartel is not a national scandal. Brady is an award winning journalist who has written for Forbes, Wired, Red Herring and the Industry Standard. An excerpt: "BuzzFlash: Perhaps this is more of a comment, but we found it not-so-curious that after the controversial visit of Bush to the U.S.S. Abraham in the flight suit, that he returned to California from 30 miles offshore and gave a speech at, of all places, the United Defense plant. Do you have any thoughts there about the fact the President of the United States is speaking at a plant that is 50% owned by a company that his father is a consultant with? Dan Briody: I think it痴 brazen, and I think it痴 shameless. And I think that that will go down as a hallmark of this administration. We have seen an absolute affinity for mixing business and politics, and throw in a war and you致e got the Bush administration. And that scene of him giving that speech at United Defense痴 plant in Santa Clara summed up perfectly what this administration is all about. BuzzFlash: So all the interconnections were right there -- he was boosting the war effort, talking about keeping the country secure, which meant, in this case, he was praising the employees of United Defense, who, in essence, are employees, in part, of the Carlyle Group, with which his father is affiliated. Dan Briody: He was doing it all. He was pitching a tax cut for the very wealthy while doing an advertisement for his father痴 company, and professing the war to be over, and kicking off his reelection campaign, all in one fell swoop. It was an amazing achievement." Get the book at: Read the full interview at:

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