Who supplied the WMD? Do we care?

Please read this and ask yourself if the crime should be reported: http://www.paulflynnmp.co.uk/mustreaddetail.jsp?id=789 The principle subject of this article - the Riegle Report - has never once been discussed in the British press (perhaps someone would search the Irish press), nor in our Parliament until I wrote to all MPs about it on 22 February. If you agree that the British Government should follow international law and its own stated policy, please ask anyone you know in Britain to take two minutes to e-mail their MP and request that they act via: http://www.parliament.uk/directories/hciolists/alms.cfm Please pass this message on to friends. Every e-mail counts but tens of thousands are probably needed. If anyone wishes to pursue a similar course of action in Ireland (or elsewhere) and would like further information, such as url details for the Riegle Report, please let me know. Thanks.

Created By: Geoffrey Holland