Please Assist GreenPeace

The same greedy bastards who promote war as a means of making themselves wealthy also destroy our environment.Their actions create a bond between such as our movement and GreenPeace. I would ask you all to write, phone or fax the Spanish Embassador at 17a Merlyn Park Ballsbridge Dublin 4 Phone 2838827 Fax 2691854 and request that he ask his government to release the GreenPeace flagship Rainbow Warrior without penalty immediately.She was detained while engaged in a peaceful protest regarding the importation of rainforest trees to Spain.The Spanish government are demanding a bond of €300.000 along with guarantees for her release.Her continued detention will allow further exploitation of our environment. Please remember that Spain is a committed supporter of the US/UK rape of Iraq.Personally I will refrain from holidaying in Majorca,my usual destination until Spain renounces its stance on both war and our environment.

Created By: Martin Murphy