Response to Dublin priest in jail for School of the Americas protest

Yes if you attack a Military base in the United States after fair warning you will be charged, given a fair trial with attorney of your choice, and jury. IF you lose you go to jail. A priest has the benefit of Bishops and other priests who will demand his fair treatment, and also many catholics. The library he works in is air conditioned and also probably the jail cell. Privacy probably is a problem. I can understand his complaint about the food that is prepared by his fellow inmates for the most part. His mother will not be allowed in to prepare his meals. The inmates normally get 3000 or more calories each day. They even provide fish and chips. It is hot in Texas sometimes, and I love it. Ireland is to cold. He should have been more careful of following the laws. Priests lead parades a lot against abortion here and have no trouble unless they do not stay off the property of those they are parading against. Smart priests know this. Dumb priests will go to jail. Priests even get traffic tickets if they drive on the wrong side of the street. No exceptions because you wear the cloth. However he is entitled to present his points, and I am sorry he is not happy. Still he cost the taxpayers about $100,000 for his transgressions. Perhaps he will go home and enjoy the weather. Not a bad idea, if you can't follow the laws. It would be interesting to see how he got involved with the School of Americas protest. Next time he will associate with people who follow the law in proper protests. Nothing wrong with a proper protest. It happens all the time here. To protect the public buildings and people they do have some rules that must be followed. It is interesting Gerald

Created By: Gerald Monks