Response to Dublin priest in jail for School of the Americas protest

Hi Gabby, I think US jails are all like that for food. Texas may be a little worse. Do you know prisons are its biggest industry? They take prisoners from other states and make a lot of money warehousing them. Another legacy of Bush. What I know is they serve a lot of starches to fill people up cheaply. Us jails/prisons are set up to be extra punitive. They think it prevents crime. Never mind no evidence of that has ever been shown. It is a twisted system. The prisons are overflowing with non violent offenders who smoke pot or use other drugs. Treatment would be cheaper but less punitive. We had an initiative in our state last November to change the law to treatment for the first offense. I work the polls and would you believe it went down because people said treatment didn't teach a lesson. I am constantly dismayed at the ignorance of many of my fellow citizens. We are the only industrialized nation to still practice the death penalty. "Fr. Hynes's report of the "incredible kindness and generosity" of his fellow inmates only highlights more starkly the culture of cruelty and humiliation nurtured by the prison guards." I'm glad at least the inmates are treating him well, but it is really stupid that he is even in the jail. He could have been released to his own recognisance. Its not like a priest is a big risk to run. It is all strange. Misdemeaners here usually don't get jail time at all. They are just trying to make an example of him to show the rest of us peace marchers what for. I am very upset about the nuns too. Gabby, I can't believe they are going to keep him in jail til November. This can't be good for his health. Maybe we should have a letter writing campaign to the Texas governor regarding the good father and the nuns. The most he can do is ignore us, and at best may let him out earlier. The governor has that power. What do you think? It sounds good so far for Mary Kelly. I just hope she gets as good a jury in October. I won't really feel good until she is free of further court involvement. I am glad though that she has so much support over there. I'm sure the priest and nuns are being kept from much contact except for lawyers. You know my country has gone to pot or it already was and I didn't know it. No, Clinton would never have allowed the priest and nuns to be detained. It is worse under Bush. If we don't oust this oppresive Bush regime by next year, I swear I am selling my house and moving out of the country. Four more years of him would be just too much to tolerate. OK, Michael, I hear you telling me the tide is turning. I'm calming down. Shari

Created By: Sharon White