Response to Dublin priest in jail for School of the Americas protest

Monk you are undoubtedly one of the biggest asses in the US. Like I need you to give me a lesson on being a pole taker. Unlike you, I believe in free speach and don't need to tell people how to vote. And please, your out on limb if you think the democrats were ready to throw themselves out the window over losing. If we know our communities, we have a good idea how people are going to vote before the poles open. If I leave the country the best thing would be to get away from narrow minded people like you. But your reading comprehension is down, losts of folks don't think US is such a great place to come to any longer. A friend in Canada just wrote me that he's afraid to come down for his yearly visit this year due to Ashcroft's harrassment of Canadians at the borders lately. Send us you...right, but not under baby bush. You must be deaf too. I stated the prisoners were fed starches to fill them up and save money. But unlike your positive slant, I view that a negative since it raises cholesteral and is bad for folks with health problems. You are wrong about the misdemeaners. Some of the people arrested with the father and nuns were let go without any jail time. DeWine in Ohio stopped the trial for some protestors. SOA recommends contacting representative about the prisoners. It never hurts to express disappointment with these issues, if it doesn't help the current prisoners it may help the next. You don't throw yourself on the floor and scream and cry? Seems you've done a lot of it here. Is the idea of a federal prison supposed to scare anyone more than a regular one? They are all pretty sorry places here. It is not true you can protest anywhere in the US at any time. You usually need a permit in most cities. Why do you try to make it sound like everything is so much better in the states? You must have an inferiority complex. Unions especially can't protest except where and when designated, and police stand by in case it gets out of hand. Jimmy Hoffa Sr. brand of protest no longer happen. Tell you what Gerald, why don't you go down to Crawford and let dubya know your there to lick his boots? I'm sure when you open your smart mouth, they'll find a nice cell for you in the Federal Prison. Might even let you enjoy the "good food" for a little longer than most.

Created By: Sharon White