Response to Dublin priest in jail for School of the Americas protest

P.S Sharon when you are debating with people who use improper words,insutling and desparate language -You are normally matching wits with an unarmed man or women. ***** I'll remember that Gerald, the next time I debate a person. The links for some of my reading on vets follows. You might also read Sundays, NYTimes and Washington Posts. And I might ask, who began the insults? Veterans for Peace National Convention, August 8-10, San Francisco, CA The convention will include workshops and speakers addressing topics ranging from the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the U. S. arsenal and the world to the role of veterans as peacemakers. Convention Information Now Hear This Smearing patriots who oppose invading Iraq as “traitors” is an insult to veterans who put US national security interests first... CLICK HERE Commentary A Memorial Day Reflection By David Cline Another mournful Memorial Day, more mothers and fathers have lost sons or daughters, more veterans will come home physically and emotionally scarred. CLICK HERE! Big and small things, all important, that you can do, that we can do, to make a difference. CLICK HERE CLICK HERE To read why veterans and their families oppose a war, go to the Sound Off Board: CLICK HERE! Letters To read correspondence CLICK HERE! Antiwar Veterans By Michael Uhl As America descends into permanent war, an essay on veterans and their role in the antiwar movement. CLICK HERE! In their youth Chickenhawks were extremely skillful at evading the military, while today they are fervent advocates for war. CLICK HERE! more Links Center for Defense Information Soldiers For The Truth Veterans For Common Sense Veterans For Peace Vietnam Veterans Against The War Vietnam Veterans Of America Vietnam Veterans Of Amer. Found.

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