Response to Dublin priest in jail for School of the Americas protest

Gabby, I shared your poem with some friends (your privacy respected, of course) who are working on the anti war movement here. They felt it fit for the times and were very moved. You spurred me to go back through some of my poetry to find more insightful verses and I found this quote by Milton that I think fits for our times. Who overcomes By force, hath overcome but half his foe. From Paradise Lost. Just wanted you to know you inspired me to use some of our best verses and quotes in daily communications. Who knows, the spirit of enlightenment may again catch on. It would certainly be good for Fr. Hynes and the other peace marchers imprisoned if a little enlightenment caught hold on my side of the Atlantic. Thanks again for sharing the poem. Its a good model for those of us who are continuing to peacefully protest here through mail when our presence can't alway be there.

Created By: Sharon White