When in Palestine two months before the latest conflict, was impressed by the great Palestinian People, and Isrealite people working so well together. The present conflict after meeting the people in Jericao, Palistine is almost unbeleivable to me. The Bush plan which has already been accepted by the Palestinian people and Tenatively accepted by the Isrealites seems the best oppourtunity in the last 50 years for an enduring peace, and safety and protection of all of these good people. Iraq becoming a peaceful democracy will be a benefit to the prevention of much violence in the entire area, and keep the radicals at bay. This would allow the surrouding Islam countries to send much oil money to Palestine people to rebuild their schools, hospitols which all should applaud. While nothing is a perfect solution. This is the best chance we have had to prevent or stop war in the area in many many years. My best friend is a Christian from Rumalah in Palestine where he still owns a little property and see's a chance for this working. He is strongly pro Palestine. I hope he is correct that this new approach might work. It is a lovely place to visit with great people. Hard to beleive they are at war. hospitols, etc.

Created By: Gerald Monks