Response to A pro war apology

To Ray Henessy I still can't work out the American psyche. Americans on the most part that I have met are nice people who simply do not know what is going on. America is a huge huge place and most people are parochial at best outside the big cities like NYC. Those who support the war equate getting rid of Saddam as akin to getting rid of Hitler.That is what the media tells them-although the media are now changing their tone to a slight anti-Bush stance which shows them up as to what they are. Plus emotions are still high-very high with 911 still fresh in people's minds and generally people still associate Saddam with 911 in some form-"He is evil too so there must be some connection". I find those who have ever travelled outside North America(well America-"why would we want to travel to Canada" ?)were against the war.10% of Americans have passports! It is difficult though because ever day you are told here how America is the best country in the world.The only comparisons to the land of the free that these people see are Iran,Iraq,China etc. Europe they still associate with Hitler and Yugoslavia etc. At times I know what Germany circa 1933 must have been like. Arabs imprisoned for nothing,flags everywhere-there is no escape. Even joyous Sunday county fairs you see sellers selling 'Freedom Fries' and a last week I enjoyed a Barber Shop singing group until they finished their set with a "it is nice to be able to come out here today on this lovely day in this wonderful country of ours and be free and to sing these wonderul songs-before launching into 'God Bless America'". The African-Americans I was with promptly left. It remined me of the Hitler youth lad singing 'Tomorrow belongs to me' in the film 'Cabaret'. It seems that violence-like the way the country was founded on-is seen as the way to sort out your problems.If Americans are not killing some poverty stricken foreigner they are killing each other. Guilty before being proved guilty. Not one person I have met thinks it is wrong to kill Saddam without a trial-or to even kill him at all! The guy next to me at work in his cubicle has lots of pictures of his lovely children-alongside a picture of the ugly American Eagle with the flag on it-with the words "War Paint".And this is a middle aged man,church on Sunday,flowers for the wife type. Very strange.

Created By: David Brennan