Response to A pro war apology

David - Wish I was in New York (If I remember correctly) so I could introduce you to one person who thinks killing someone, even Saddam Hussein, is wrong. Your spot on about americans that have never travelled outside of the states......I work in a place where you can't move out of the way for a pregnant woman (because that would imply she needs special treatment and would be unjust and therefore a hostile workplace) but cubicles can be wallpapered in anti-Muslim and anti-Arabic propaganda. And because I am white as a ghost with redhair - that gives everyone and their brother the idea that they can share their uneducated, crass, rude, ignorant, embarassing ideas with me! I'm sure just posting on this bb has me on the FBI watch list. Starved for intelligent discussion? Try cab drivers - always willing to chat - and much more cosmopolitan than the average american.

Created By: Claire O'Connor