Response to Caution - Racism Ahead

Perhaps we can turn this situation into a productive debate on the issues it raises. There are a series of posts that were made in response to what I wrote above that have been, thankfully, removed. The original posts that Mr. Musgrave made, however, are still on the bulletin boards. The only one that is missing had to do with "pest control" and it wasn't a reference to bugs. That gem was removed before I started this string. I also received e-mails to me directly calling me a racist , a facist, anti-semitic, and a white supremist (?) So here are my thoughts on the topic and I welcome intelligent discussion. 1). Although Mr. Musgrave made some interesting points, his views were usually intertwined with hate. 2). Economics is the reason politicians go to war, and hate is the tool they use to get the public to suport it. 3). Mr. Musgrave's gross generalizations about entire groups of people without any supporting cites(ex. ashkenazic jews are more educated than arabs) spread misinformation. 4). His gross generalizations about entire ethnic groups dehumanize a "race" of people thereby making it easier to look the other way while our military bombs them. *Brown* people are destroying our country....some people in Iraq are *brown* it's ok to bomb them. 5). Divide and conquer is the same tactic that the U.S. government uses to draw attention away from their in the *brown* and *asian* people are destroying our country as opposed to George Bush. 6). Further alienating a group by saying that they do not share the same "cultural" values. And what values would those be? Clearly my values are not the same as Mr. Musgraves. 7). Groups like the Klan continue to exist because of our willingness to accept and/or ignore what we deem "mild racism." 8). Hitler didn't kill 6 million people. He convinced others to do it for him through nationalist and racist rhetoric. He talked about the glorious past of Germany, he talked about Jews not sharing the same cultural values, he blamed the Jews for the economic problems of Germans. I think those same types of statments were made in Mr. Musgrave's posts. Now, in fairness, Mr. Musgrave did send me an e-mail that was cordial (after lambasting me on the boards), and I thank him for that. So my question is - what impact does racism have on anti-war efforts and ideology?

Created By: Claire O'Connor