Response to anti-american?


Thanks for the link to Refdesk. It looks quite handy, and I have added it to my favourites. Though I don't know what relevance it could possibly have to this discussion. Here's one for you!

Just two points: "In five years we could easily move a great deal of the computer programs in Ireland to the South of Spain, cut easily our tourist coming to Ireland in half." >>> I actually heard a rumour this weekend that Dell are shutting down operations in Dublin and Limerick and moving to Spain. Is there something you know that we don't? But tell me--how exactly will that cut tourism in half? As far as I'm aware, the package tours don't include the Intel factory or the Microsoft complex.

"They are foolish if they think we will stop until the New York attack is properly handled. It cost us 255,000 lives to avenge the 1500 lives lost at pearl harbor." >>>It's a shame that the events of September 11th haven't been properly handled. It's also a shame that after all these weeks that you've been coming to this site, you still think we have to go to war to "avenge" that atrocity. Why couldn't the US take advantage of the overwhelming sympathy of allies and old enemies, and work with the international community to legally prosecute the criminals? Iraq certainly had nothing to do with it. Out of the thousands of brown skinned men and boys rounded up and kept without contact to lawyers or their families in the States, only 3 have been proven to have ties to terrorism. How many lives must be destroyed before the 3000 dead in the 9/11 attacks are avenged? How many children do you have to kill with your cluster bombs and depleted uranium? And why do I even have to ask these questions on this forum?

Created By: Mollie Huggins