Response to Caution - Racism Ahead

Thanks to Orla (above) for bringing offensive posts on this site to my attention. The Irish Anti-War Movement is totally opposed to racism (an increase of which has been one of the results of Bush/Blair's war on terrorism) and anti-semitism, as stated in past literature. This website is a fantastic resource and thanks go to the people working on it. So far today over 100 people have accessed the site. If should be used to expose the reality of the occupation of Iraq & the war on terrorism, the erosion of our so-called neutrality and our government's complicity in this war as well as a way of organising to build for future anti-war events, or to hold genuine debates within the movement. This was never set up as a general discussion site and in my opinion anything bordering on racism should be immediately removed and the person who posted the comment should be blocked. Thanks to the web guys for their ongoing maintenance of this site. Aoife Ní Fhearghail Secretary Irish Anti-War Movement 087 7955013

Created By: Aoife Ni Fhearghail