Response to anti-american?

Thanks for replying Ray. I really hope you're right about the tide turning against Blair. It never fails to surprise me, just how much blatant lying people are prepared to tolerate from politicians - although hopefully Blair has told one lie too many this time. I'm not British, and I don't even live in the UK, but it makes me mad to see what Blair has done. What sickens me most is the fact that he has always portrayed himself as such an honest person who prides himself on his morality and his religious beliefs. I can't believe that now that the Iraq issue has proved him to be totally false, he continues to promote himself as a man of integrity. Another question for you - what's the attitude of most people in the UK towards the British Army and the soldiers out in Iraq? There have been reports of misconduct and abuse of prisoners, (although far less than about the US troops) - how is that received??

Created By: Rachel Hicks