Response to a new palestine?

This story was also reported in today's Guardian. The doctor's widow has spoken to the Associated Press among others. The US military has refused to comment on the incident. Justin Huggler is a respected middle eastern correspondent for the Independent newspaper, he has travelled extensively throughout the middle east, providing coverage among other places of Turkey and Afghanistan. He has also worked closely with internationally renowned correspondent Robert Fisk. Does this mean his reporting is the gospel truth? Of course not - but it seems to me to be as reliable a source as you can get in an unreliable situation. I would love for this story to be untrue - for this family not to have suffered this terrible loss - but unfortunately incidents like this are part of the everyday reality for the citizens of Baghdad. Burying our heads in the sand and shouting "Propoganda!" when we hear of such stories does not make them go away or mean they never happened, however much we may wish it.

Created By: Rachel Hicks