Response to a new palestine?

Maybe it is a new Northern Ireland. No one wins. What sickens me is that the death toll for Iraqis-"ya know the people we helped liberate" is never mentioned in the media,not just the American media but the media worldwide. Under the Geneva Conventions-an army must keep account of the numbers of casulaties on the other side. Colan Powell,when asked about the numbers of dead Iraqis in 1991 said "Frankly,I'm not concerned about that". Not as bad as Madeline Allbright who said on '60 Minutes' in 1996 that the 500,000 dead Iraqis as a result of sanctions was "a price worth paying" . Or the American archeologist last month who called on the American army to kill Iraqi looters.A mature educated female demanding this.I wonder if she has children ? So much for helping the Iraqi people.I wonder how many American cities are twinned with Iraqi ones ? Yet also not reported-it seems the American troops are suffering too. They hate being there in 50 degree celsius heat.No one wants them there,they probably want the Bush Administration in a firing line. Suicides have increased,others have died as a result of illness. And accoridng to my Iraqi friend who came back from Iraq last week-it will only get worse.The Iraq people are strong people with a very tough upbringing.They know now what this war is all about. They are on home soil and the Americans are stranded there.Bush surely cannot go to Nato now ? A sad sad affair all round.,3604,1011671,00.html

Created By: David Brennan