Selfless American Soldiers murdered

There have been, and always will be, clear differences between individuals who advocate war, if necessary, and individuals who under no circumstances will support a war. Be that as it may, there are occasions when a powerful country should assert its responsibility, not only to its citizens but to the entire free world. I am a new member of this site; I am so because I am from Queens, NY, but Irish by heritage, my parents are from county Donegal (let's go Donegal vs. Armagh!!!!). I am also admittedly against most of the ideologies you all stand for. I just thought a different point of view would not harm the democratic scene you promote. There are American soldiers, as young as 18, dying on an almost daily basis in Iraq. These soldiers are suffering through tremendous heat and the daily threat of ambushes and gunfire. I have been unable to do so, because I am in New York City and not on the scene, but I would ask you all to place yourselves in the undesired shoes of an American or English soldier in Iraq. First of all, they totally know that they could be killed at any second by terrorists. That these terrorists are acting on the orders of Hussein or Bin Laden is irrelevant. Their lives are in danger as a result of the reason we went to war to begin with; hmmm.... that means that we had a justified war!! Second of all, I feel that they do realize that their victory and presence in the Middle East will lend the stability and credence that peace loving people in that region deem necessary. The U.S. has liberated an entire country; and in the process did prevent illegal arms from leaving Iraq and entering a region of the world where those weapons would wreak havoc (i.g. U.S and Israel). I ask all people (especially people who declare themselves anti-war); pray for the American and British soldiers in Iraq, who no longer wish to fight, but are baited into such confrontations; If you were truly ant-war, you would speak out against Iraqi, Palestinian, etc. violence. You seem not to care when Americans or Brits die (or for that matter Aussies, Spaids, etc). Your Iraqi death numbers are grossly overestimated, it isn't even funny. That is true with the war, and with the sanctions, which you unbelievably blame on the U.S.!! Out of control incorrect!!! I lost several people in the WTC. This war, and the wars to come, will make America safer. That is that. John Gerard Keeney

Created By: John Keeney