Response to Selfless American Soldiers murdered

As for Zak and Kevin, elitist sarcasm and outlandish statements/accusations do nothing but deteriorate the spirit of a healthy debate. We have a difference of opinion; that does not merit an attack on one's intellectual capacity and/or ability to reason.

This is not a "healthy debate". A skillful debater can win no matter which side he takes. This is about learning the truth:

Bush took advantage of 9/11. He used lies and fear to gain support for invading a country that was no threat to us. Thousands died and terrorism is growing because people like you supported his policy.

I did not come to this truth easily. I am a conservative suburban family man. There's a lot of BS on both sides, but some things are painfully clear. The evidence is overwhelming. I hope in time you will see.

Created By: Kevin O'Connor