Response to Selfless American Soldiers murdered

To John Keeney "The Most Successful Miltary Campaign ever" Why is it that the US is "The World" ALL the time ? Bloomberg is now saying that New York is the greatest city IN THE WORLD after the way its people reacted to the power cuts. Surely the greatest city in the world would not have power cuts in the first place ? Anyway the most successful military campaign ever was probably at the turn of the 19th century with the British Empire's crushing of the 30,000 strong Maori tribe in New Zealand-the Maoris who were armed with pineapples-were slaughtered by good old fashioned troops just doing their job armed with the latest hi tech powdered guns for its time. It was one of the greatest days in the history of the British Army. Regarding the US v Iraq.Hmmm-similar circumstances. Iraq has suffered two huge wars in the last 20 years.The Iran-Iraq war-financed by Washington ("I hope they both kill each other"-Henry Kissinger) cost over 500,000 Iraqi lives.Another 500,000 were injured.Iraqis did not know why they were fighting. 100,000 Iraqis then died in the Gulf War.Thousands more injured. So a country struggles with the aftermaths of 2 wars-food is rationed,an inadequte health system cannot cope.So what does the world and in particular the US do ? Yep like what happened to the Vietnamese betwen 1975 and 1995-the Iraqi people are starved to death. Nearly a million die as a result of US-led sanctions into 'brilliantly' starving the country thus clearing the way for a future invasion(Thank God we don't have to feed them buggers when we take over). The numbers of abled bodied healthy men able to fight any war is minuscule.These are the ones that have not died,not been maimed or have not fled into exile. Then you have any weapons capable of defending Iraq being destroyed under the watchful eye of the UN weapons inspectors. Hans Blix (do you know him ? UN guy ?) declares that Iraq-on the evidence that he has seen-has no weapons of mass destruction. Baghdad is ranked 213th of 215 'best' cities to live in the world (even though they have never had power cuts-cue The Gurdian)- according to the Mercer Institute of London-ranked before this latest 'war'. This was based on infrastructure,wealth,health and education (even though Iraq has slightly lower literacy levels than the US). Baghdad was one of the wealthiest and bset cities to live in-in the Persian Gulf up until the 1970s-before the Iran-Iraq war. A starving impoverished defenceless people with a laughable defence system. The US: the richest country in the world with the most billionaires,5% of the world's population controlling 50% of the world's wealth,the most obese populace in the world with all that consumer 'goodies',with unlimited billions spent on 'Defense'(sic) including weapons of mass destruction. It was not a war.It was a slaughtering. That's the trouble with the US.It has never felt the evils of modern war on its own backyard as Gerhard Schroeder (he's the German chancellor John)correctly pointed out. Americans still harp on about Pearl harbor (3000 deaths) and 911 is the 'most evil attack in THE WORLD'.So 6000 Americans have died on home soil in the last 100 years as a result of terrorism. 6000 Iraqis at least have died since March this year as a result of terrorism! Congratulations John please bask in your military success. Thank your country for feeding Sadaam and Osama in the 1980s and even after 1991 in helping Saddam retain control of Iraq and stop the uprisings-and then getting rid off him in 2003. Thank your President for allowing the Bin Laden group financial opportunities in the good ole USA and in his own company Alburta and for supporting the undemocratic regimes of Pakistan,China,Indonesia,Colombia and Saudi Arabia with weapons and money and oil all used in this corrupt barter system. Thank your Government for supporting the genocide of 1 million people in Indonesia since the 1960s and for the "drip-drip genocide" (Caoihme Butterly) of Palestiniasn by your flag-ship Israel. A least your have not starved Cubans as of yet! As for the brave American troops.Well I've seen Irish teenagers away from home for the first time on school trips in Europe,rampaging through shops and stores.Taking anything that was not nailed down.Revelling in their freedom from the constraints that your local society places on you. 'Heart of Darkness' epics on a teenage scale! One can only imagine what the sex-starved American teenagers armed with weapons of mass destruction are getting up to-away from home for the first time-in a strange foreign land thousands of miles away walking down a street showing who is boss. Surrounded by strange 'thrash' who have no basic infrastructurs like a McDonalds or a Days Inn and do not speak the American English yet alone the Queen's. John-soldiers are trained to kill. War is terrorism on a bigger budget.

Created By: David Brennan