Response to Selfless American Soldiers murdered

Rachel To add to your very valid point: 1. The experts [such as they are] on Saddam's 1991 WMDs have repeatedly told the US & UK governments that the chemical & bio weapons that existed in 1991 would have degraded to unusable long ago. 2. The nuclear purchase through Niger was clearly a forgery, all the independent examiners are agreed on this - and always have agreed. 3. If the US & UK "intelligence" was so good, how come it "knew" that Saddam had WMDs but clearly had no idea where any of the WMDs were. If they had known they would have told Hans Blix where to look - but they didn't. We all knew that last year. Why did the media let the governments get away with their scam? If, as Blair is now whinging, they knew he had "programme for the productions of WMDs", where are the production facilities. They ain't small and require tons of purification units to produce. Keep it up; even if you can't convince the bigots, at least we can keep the flame burning. Love & Peace.

Created By: Ray Hennessy