Response to open letter to the "Bring Them Home" group

Would agree with Kirsten on this. I see it that we disagree with the principal of war. We disagree because of the reality is that people are killed. Some people will first experience only the killing, not the principal, as do the many families of the soldiers killed. Were we to put that real experience secondary to the principal I think we would be making a mistake. My belief is that the Iraq resistance adds substance to our protests against the war. And equally that the American families who want to save their sons and daughters lifes adds the same substance to our protest. In the end we are only against war because of the reality that we want to save our own lives and a loved one. That's what these families are doing, we must see them, and the Iraq deaths, as the essence of our protest. The idea that a lot people in an area all think the same is as old as history. Irish as catholics, English as protestants, India as Hindu or Muslum. We shouldn't get the problems of humanity mixed up with the blatant, arrogant, illegal and immoral war on Iraq. First things first.

Created By: Michael Harris