The Evolution of NATO in the 21st Century

Today I heard the speech of General James Jones, supreme commander of NATO at the commonwealth Club, broadcast on NPR. I thought his thoughts, comments, and vision to be very interesting and topical. I apologize for not being able to do the link thing; I've tried but can't seem to make it work, but for the full audio recording of General James Jones go to : I would think it would be of great interest for citizens of the EU to hear about this man's vision of NATO and what that will mean for Europe and the world. (Many of you, I'm sure, already know.) General Jones also makes a very valid point in regards to the invasion of Iraq, in that the US did not encounter ANY "military impedance" from any European country with the exception of Turkey. Air space, bases, resources were freely offered. Makes you wonder about the sincerity of the resistance, especially from Germany and France.

Created By: Gary Nihsen