Response to Irish Fair will be dedicated to US armed forces

Who exactly is this insulting to again? Irish Americans are supporting their countrymen, women and family members who are overseas and you want to write letters to AOH executives in protest? FYI: plenty of Americans support the troops but not the war (Listen to Claire O'Connor). I support both. Leave these good people and this nice event alone.

Honestly, this event is about Americans celebrating their Irish heritage; this year, we are doing that and also praying for the safety of our friends and family in Iraq and around the world. As far as I can see, Zak, you verbally piss all over America every chance you get. Actually, that's all you've done (you actually have some nice viewpoints, but they get distorted). Your animosity (and, at times, downright contempt) towards military families, soldiers, and Americans in general is just obscene. Surely, there is a better way to communicate your thoughts and opinions.

Take a peek at some of your colleagues (Mollie, Rachel, Ray and Gary), and follow suit. They write with passion and do not betray their peaceful nature. I mean, you would release fury in the heart of one of my sisters, who is ardently anti-war. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I respect anti-war advocates. Yes, I agree on some points and disagree with the significant ones. My views emanate from a different perspective, but I sympathize with the viewpoints of legitimate anti-war individuals. I enjoy listening to good people, no matter what they are all about. I'm not saying you are not a good person, but you come across as a bitter man with an unreletting vendetta against Americans (however justified you think your views regarding the U.S. administration may be). Get yourself some respect for Americans, at least the ones who are on your side; apparently even they are a target for your utter contempt.

Have you ever been to America? I'm telling you right now, if you are ever here, DO NOT EVER SAY (some of what) you WRITE on this site. You might get lucky and discover a fairly sympathetic ear. If not, and in the wrong situation ("from the Lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee; across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea; from Detroit down to Houston, and New York to L.A."), I guarantee that you will have your ass handed to you on a silver platter. I've had my days in general in my younger years in NYC; I've given it and taken it and I'm a better man for it (I'm still only 32). Believe me, I know what I am talking about. Say what you say here on this website all you want, yes. Just don't talk vindictive, hatred shit about Americans on our soil, ever. Think what you think about me (It doesn't matter), but that is damn good advice.

Now, this really looks like a great cause to me, and a great time. I'm going to try to make an appearance and bring a few people with me. Good info on the Irish Fair website, although I was discussing it with my Dad anyway (he's a member of the AOH). If I can't make it, well, I'm still into the idea and the fair in general. Irish dancing, culture, etc. Great stuff!!

Coney Island isn't exactly what it used to be (parts are rundown), but it sure as hell is still a fun place, and with a lot of history. For one thing, it has the only wooden rollercoaster left in the country (and probably the scariest, for those of us who have ridden it), called the "Cyclone". The Brooklyn minor league baseball team is called the Brooklyn Cyclones (an affiliate of the major league NY Mets). I know that's too much info...sorry!

And obviously, I know there is a different post for this comment, but the formatting control alterations are great. Tremendous job, webmaster!

Be well. I am looking forward to a long week-end. Gotta love Labor Day!!


Created By: John Keeney