Response to Irish Fair will be dedicated to US armed forces

what utter shite from john keeney, how can you take yourself seriously when you say that you or your government are supporting US troops in any meaningful way. your concept of support doesn't prevent their pointless death and injury in Iraq, it perpetuates it. Do US troops really want that kind of support? it's the Bush junta that is doing the most harm to US troops by having them in Iraq to subdue the iraqi population and establish a puppet government. You love flying your flag, slapping yourself and fellow 'patriots' on the back by saying you support your troops - but what support, recognition, or visits have the injured troops coming home from Iraq received from Bush or the mainstream media in your 'homeland' ? it's a f*cking disgrace that the right wing nationalists (and you sound like you're in that category) claim to be the true patriots in america, yet the thousands of injured US troops are being deliberately ignored and hidden from the public so as to give the illusion that your war is going well. If you support your troops and value their lives, get off your arse praying for them and demand they be brought home, or at least listen to them! - it would be more than Bush or Fox Newspeak has done.

Wounded, Weary, and Disappeared

Created By: Guy Incognito