Response to open letter to the "Bring Them Home" group

Tangled Up in His Flight Suit
For Bush, war equals good politics—so long as the war’s going well, that is
Sept. 1 issue - George W. Bush was raising money last week in the Pacific Northwest, where there are too many greens, Democrats and anti-everything activists to suit him. “Do you have all those protesters lined up to see me?” he jokingly asked Republican Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon
SURE ENOUGH, they lined Portland streets to protest the war in Iraq. But even when he returned to the friendliest of territory—his ranch in Crawford, Texas—the president couldn’t escape the increasingly fractious politics of the war. Families of military reservists have become distraught over unexpectedly lengthy deployments in Iraq and angry over what they consider unnecessarily risky rules of engagement there. Some of them planned to gather last weekend for a rally on Crawford’s football field. “My husband said they’re making him a sitting duck,” said Candance Robison, readying herself for the 2½-hour drive from her home in Krum, Texas. The slogan for the rally summarized her goal: BRING THEM HOME NOW!

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai