Response to Irish Fair will be dedicated to US armed forces

whether the AOH are celebrating their countries army, or what their countries army is doing is academic. the broader problem with america today is the celebration and idolising of men and women trained to kill and commit acts of violence on other human beings, be they in a uniform or not. american society has become increasingly violent and militarised since world war 2, and countless movies of propaganda have reinforced the image of american soldiers as all-american heroes whose spirit always triumphs over insurmountable odds. it has gotton to the stage where soldiers are worshipped as pillars of your community much like priests used to be. in fact, war seems to be the new religion in America - the thing that binds society together and gives them something to rally around, while those that criticise soldiers and what they're paid to do are considered heretics. it fits in well with the agenda of religious fundamentalists such Bush because in times of fear, uncertainty, and imminent threats from Iraq, many people would turn to religion for guidance. It's heartening to see criticism of Bush gaining momentum in the mainstream american media, and by more actors and people of influence, but i haven't heard one of these new dissenters like John Kerry mention the killing of innocent iraqi's as a reason for this war being wrong. It's all about americas safety, americas soldiers dying, americas economy suffering. a massive shift in american thinking must occur, namely compassion and regret for those you've killed and maimed, to prevent many more wars and invasions occuring - because the ruling class will always find a new enemy for america to fight. Part of the conditioning of american society to accept war by sanitising it, has been that american people never consider the human cost on the other side. if the plug is pulled on this occupation because of the cost to america (rather than the cost to the iraqi people) then it will be just another example of how blind and one-sided the american peoples' understanding of war is and how doomed they are to commit the same mistakes again and again.

The idea that an event unrelated to the army could be dedicated to the army is a very strange concept and we certainly dont do it in Ireland. Also the idea that to be a strong secure country you need a massive military deterrant might meet with some disagreement in Costa Rica - a democratic 'freedom loving' country that has had no army since 1948! so that begs another question - why aren't any freedom-hating democracy-hating crazed muslim terrorists attacking costa rica in order to destroy their freedom and liberty?

Created By: Guy Incognito