Response to "He may be a psycho, but he's our psycho!"


            I would say that I follow the teaching Christ, I dont call myself a Christian but I do know the  Blible is written by men and so subject to propaganda.

The old testament is old and new is new, if you know what I mean. It relates to a world then, which in reality is not too far away from the world today as far as human activity goes.....we have all that mayhen and barbarism going and the misguided leaders of so called 'churches' and countries very prominent.

The teachings of Chirst are just that, teachings, the word of God is not a written word, it is an experience (the same experience that is referred to in all spiritual faiths) the written word is ony the interpretations of men.

But getting back to Bush....a Christian follows the teachings of Christ and strives to be Christlike in their let us see......Though shalt not kill???    

Bush is not a Christian, born again or not.....he is more an anit-christ that Christlike, I think you would agree..while in comparison, Ghandi, although not perfect did follow a more spiritual path (smile)

The problem is Bush suffers from delusion, he believes what he wants to suit him and to justify his existence (you know, church on sunday asking for Gods help, war on Monday knowing people will be killed by your orders!!,., blessing the atom bomb!!), these are NOT Christian nor Christlike actions...... just like the many translations of the Bible and the new churches, they detract and distort to suit their own human ends

I disagree about Blair, he is of the same frame as Bush.....a Sunday churchgoer who as a supposed Christian does likewise..... un Christian actions.




Created By: catherine davies