Response to open letter to the "Bring Them Home" group

Living in the US I can say that the majority of Americans that I have met/seen/heard support the war and still do.

They see it as getting rid of Hitler#2 and helping the world like they did in WW1,WW2 and in the Balkans.They are fed by the mainstream US news here and simply do not know the finer details.  

It is a different culture here-a strange culture-one for example that glorified Hiroshima and Nagazaki in 1995 with a postage stamp launch  "commemorating" the attacks despite the protest of the Japanese.The stamp pictured the actual attacks!

The Iraqi death toll is never mentioned here in the media or in conversation.Afghanistan is forgotten.Death to non-Americans never seems to hit home.But then anything outside America never seems to hit home.Ask any American if he knows who the Prime Minister of Canada is! 

According to a National Geographic survey-85% of those surveyed could not find Iran or Iraq on the map.10% could not find the US!

The education system here up to University level is poor.You can imagine what History class is like (bloody surrendering French!)The USSR is proof that evil Communism/Socialism is a failure and yet Western-style failures like Brazil are ignored.

That is the way the Government likes it! It suits them to have an uneducated people.

God it seems is American.The American flag is everywhere.Everywhere.The Pledge of Allegiance is a shocking daily occurance in every school.

The US Army is the 'loveable child of the US'. Ethnic minorities even American Indians join the Army to give them esteem and to allow them to go to school-which they could not otherwise afford. 

The Army 'heroes' are constantly on television.The US is a military country.The Military dominate everywhere from memorials in little town squares to fashion clothing.Americans are brought up in this culture and so few actually ever leave it-only 10% have passports!

Only 10 vacation days a year too-so few travel.Like during Vietnam, public opposition to a war will only occur when Little Johnny comes home in a body bag.



Created By: David Brennan