Response to Galway Corporation Attack on Civil Liberties

Galway corporation decided to defer voting on the Parks and Open Spaces Bye-Laws, and apparently the draft laws have gone back to some committee to be looked at again (to be re-written?).
The protest was covered on RTE 9 o'clock news tonight. TV3 were there too so will probably be on later tonight, and TG4 had a piece on the news today and will be covering it again tomorrow (I might be on this as I was interviewd for the piece). Various other media were there, both  print and radio.
The protest was successful in so far as the bills were not voted in and they are being re-considered. This was as much as we could hope for as there are only 2 Labour councillers who are on the Council, who came out publicly against the bye-laws.  We will need to keep an eye on the situation to see what new draft proposals they come up with.
Also, the Litter and Pollution Bye-laws (which will outlaw the distribution of leaftlets) is still to be voted on. It would be an absolute disaster for groups if this were passed as it would severely restrict our ability to get our message accross.

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai