Response to Asking the UN for help?


Not for a second would I think or believe you are Anti-American. As far as I have seen, you have not uttered one derogatory word against the American people, etc. Disagreeing with U.S. government policy and protesting them hardly transforms one into hatred. Nothing Anti-American about your words at all. Your thoughts and views are logically thought out and reflect nothing more than concern for humanity. If I may say so, I think that you have America's (and the world's) interests at heart.

For the record, I disagree with SOME of your response. The U.S. has no choice in the matter. They have to be involved (as a central figure). Otherwise, the N. Koreans would run "amuk".


No worries and no need to apologize. You are very respectful and I enjoy the way you write, by the way. I can appreciate your passion. Your points, as well as Rachel's are at least taken into consideration by me. I disagree in principle, but at least my mind is on the move!!

Very good, you!! (DeNiro in "Analyze This").

Created By: John Keeney