Response to 70% of Americans blame Saddam Hussein for 9/11 attacks

I think it is too simplistic to claim that the "National" Media is a propaganda mouthpiece for the white house. Although I understand why it is easy to see it that way. I've often thought exactly that myself. Yet now I really am convinced that the media acts based upon its own self interest; much like most politicians. Their survival depends upon their subscriptions and their advertisers; therefore they print only what they think will draw both of these. It is really a question of economics and the market. The press could give a **** about George W. They are confident that they will survive 2004 even if his presidancy does not. Climbing on the pro-war, support our troops, look how we are tromping those Iraq terrorists band wagon was simply good business. The amazing thing is how most journalists can still live with themselves and their profession and the constant compromising with basic market demands. Yet it is not so different from any job with questionable effects on the environment or health. People take a "practical" view, convince themselves they are doing the best they can and giving the people what they want. Most journalists act as if they are full of integrity, they take pride in it. They "feel" for the people, show their humanity, help us to "grieve". The scary thing is I think most buy their own performance. Isn't that the very troubling thing about the US mentality: they seem to believe with great sincerity in the lies they are being spoon-fed.

Created By: Gary Nihsen