Response to 70% of Americans blame Saddam Hussein for 9/11 attacks

I agree with Gary. I think his assesment of the media is spot on. The only part I disagree with is this last paragraph:

"The scary thing is I think most buy their own performance. Isn't that the very troubling thing about the US mentality: they seem to believe with great sincerity in the lies they are being spoon-fed."

This is not only the US. The European media is equally biased (albeit in another direction) and Europeans lap it up with equal belief and sincerity. I think it is a little easier to see through the US media, what with all the flag waving, whereas the Europeans try to represent themselves as fair and balanced and wrap themselves in a veil of impartiality. Both are equaled biased and have an agenda.

Thank God (and the DOD) for the internet.

Created By: Brendan H